magic wand

if you were able to instantly change your life, what would be different?

1. chanting my rounds would be easy and I would do it every day.
2. I would live much closer to a spiritual community. my preference would be radha-govinda mandir, but any inspirational and thriving community center on krishna would do.
3. I wouldn't have a chronic pain condition.
4. I would be working as a school counselor in some capacity.
5. my family, my children, they would all be thriving and peaceful.
6. I would feel peace. my soul would feel grounded. my mind would be mostly quiet. everything would be centered and balanced.
7. I would have no debt or financial stress - this doesn't mean having a ton of money, but I wouldn't have to ever worry about it.
8. I would be 20 lbs lighter. I would feel comfortable in my own skin. I would feel good about the body I live in.
9. krishna prema. (lolzzz, j/k, if I got krishna prema everything else wouldn't matter. duh!)

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