when all else fails, saris

today is my eleventh wedding anniversary. jd and I went out to dinner and ate an insane amount of gluten. that's about it.

since I don't really have anything interesting to say and the fullness of my stomach won't allow for any level of intelligence, here are some beautiful saris. just for fun. #eyecandy #sariporn

totally my pallet. here.
simple, subtle, hearts! here.
pinstripes? yes please! here.
birds!!! here.

elephants! here.

not my usual color pallet, but I love a kalamkari. and this is so unique! here.
that texture though. here.

omg. from here.

I probably could have linked like 20 more. everything on parisera is so amazingly beautiful... but also cha-chinggggg expensive! anywho, it doesn't cost anything to look! 

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