talking to my self

I am not the controller. this is something I tell myself regularly. actually, I barely tell myself this. but I should. I should tell myself this every other second.

I am not the controller.

let it go.

let it all go.

because you can't change it.

you can't control it.

you don't know everything.

and you're not always right.

these are the things my ego needs to hear minute-to-minute. this is my hardest battle. even admitting this is a small shedding of my ego. well, an attempt to shed it anyway. I think if I say I'm shedding my ego, that's actually ego talking. because why would I tell you if I was actually doing it? ha! just see!

(I don't know if I'll ever stop thinking I'm right about everything! don't tell my self I said that!) ;)

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