reading: e & p

I've been engrossed in Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell for the past few days. I feel like I can't get out of that world. you know that feeling?...when a book is so good you can't get out of it, even when you're not reading it? that's where I've been. it was originally recommended to me by my friend India a while back. I started it four or five months ago but got distracted by the million other things I do. I have other books I want to read, but I felt obligated to read this one first since I had already started it. I'm so glad I dove right in. it's so good - so honest, raw, and real. I'm about 200 pages (of 325) in... I may finish it tomorrow.... but I texted India earlier and told her that if anything super bad happens at the end that I will set the book on fire. thankfully she just laughed and didn't give anything away.

I love reading. I'm sad that I don't do it more often...well, I mean, I do it every day at work when I read books with my students, but it's not the same. this is the kind of reading I love the most...sappy, beautiful, full-of-all-the-feels, emo YA books. ha!

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