mood: jack kerouac holding a cat, 1955

honestly, you guys, I've been doing so little that it's like I can't even form words to communicate in any intelligent or useful way. ha!

ugh, I just wrote this whole drab paragraph and erased it because, seriously, just nothing intelligent to say! it was all dumb dribdrab about the dumb dribdrab crap that I've done today, which really amounts to nothing other than watching tv/movies and reading.

there are some deeper, inner-work things I want to write, but I don't know...for some reason I just don't want to, or can't, dive into it yet. I leave thursday afternoon for my annual four day trek at the bhakti immersion retreat. I won't be able to post from there, but I will be writing. I think the deeper thinking will come then.

until then... well, it's just superficial crap. sorry?

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