a lot of nothing

it's hard to write when you spent a lot of time doing brain-numbing nothingness. I wasn't even going to post anything because I literally did basically nothing today and don't really have anything to say. but I wanted to try to write every day this month, so here I am. so here are the highlights of today:

- I slept until approximately 9am. I can't even remember the last time I did that. thanks melatonin!

- jd and gita went to the philly art museum. I get museum fatigue (it's a real thing!) and basically want to take a nap as soon as I walk into a museum, so I stayed home.

- I finished eleanor & park. I think the three words are "I love you" - though I am open to other ideas and suggestions. you won't know what this means unless you read the book and it's not really a spoiler, so go ahead and read it if you haven't.

- I got deep into the netflix show grace and frankie. it kind of like an "older person" show... but I quite like it. I want to dress like lily tomlin's character when I grow up.

- jd kindly brought me home a faux chikki cheesesteak from the infamous govinda's gourmet to go in philly... omg, gluten overload. it was delicious, but I never want gluten again. ever. (at least for right now)

- we just finished watching the netflix movie tellulah with ellen page. it was good, but sad. we both agreed that the baby crying put us into a lot of anxiety. babies are just anxiety!

I mean, when I make it into a list it looks like a lot... but it's basically sitting in bed all day reading and watching tv. it still feels weird to be doing so much nothing, but also really good. so it's cool if you judge me and think I'm wasting my life away in maya, because I don't care. zzziiinnnggg!

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India Mariconda said...

I really liked Frankie and Grace, too! It was kind of silly, but I still liked it. I want to dress like Jane Fonda's character and have her mini waist! - India