writing and responding to prompts

well, hello there.

I spent the past month (as you are probably well aware) writing a haiku every day. it was quite a challenge, honestly. I didn't think it would be. I thought, meh - 5-7-5...seventeen syllables... how hard can it be? I mean, I'd written plenty of haiku before. and mostly I love writing haiku - the simplicity, the minimalism. love. but doing it every day - forcing it even when I didn't want to... it was hard. and I don't love everything I wrote. and that's ok. it's the process, really. the process isn't always pretty. actually, mostly it's grimy. but that's how you get to the good stuff - by sifting through the dirt and junk and finding that little gem every so often. no mud, no lotus.

I don't love prompt writing - aka when there is a pre-set prompt that you are meant to respond to. I know and understand the value. and I've had lots of great poems (or ones that I like) come from prompts (this one is a perfect example - one of my total favs)... but it's not always easy. and ugh, the worst is getting a prompt that you just hate. but I want to write. I want to write regularly. so I think I'm going to keep going. try to keep writing every day. but I know if I don't have something to push me, then I won't do it. I've tried before and failed. but you know, try, try, and try again. or something.

so that's my plan for this month. pick a list of prompts and just write. I'm not 100% sure which prompt list I'm going to use yet. I've found a few but I'm hemming and hawing over which one - because honestly, every list has at least two or three prompts that I think are dumb or I just don't want to do. but I can't let that deter me. I'll pick one by tomorrow and get this party started.

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