letter two

dearest younger me,

everything will get better. actually, it will get a little worse, but then it will get better. there will be a few times in life like that - the getting worse before it gets better. but it always gets better.

you will always be ok. even when you think you won't be - you will always be ok.

you are enough. you will think that that boy is the only one who will make you feel like you are worth something, but let me tell you - you are enough. sometimes for some people you will even be more than enough (that's meant to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek joke... but you probably know that, because, well, duh, you think you're hilarious!).

trust your gut. listen more to the people who care about you. but mostly, always listen to your intuition. it's never wrong.

keep writing. don't stop. apply to that damn graduate program! you'll regret that you didn't.

speaking of regrets... you'll have a lot. but it's ok (remember I said you'll always be ok??). regrets aren't bad like most people say. they will help remind you of how you will become who you will be. and even though there will be lots of painful things you have to work through you will eventually be glad that they happened to you or that you got through that pain because you are slated to be someone bigger and better than you think you could ever be. and I don't mean this in a like, "omg, you're going to be so famous!" kind of way. I mean it like you're going to help and touch and be meaningful to others and that's important. (by the way, "omg" means "oh my god" - it's from the future and things here are so much weirder than you could ever imagine!)

you'll know your teacher when you see him. you'll never doubt him - I can promise you that. but try not to stray too much from him or your faith. he will save you so many times even though he won't really know it. but most of all you will save yourself because you'll go back to that faith. your faith (which you don't even know yet!) will be the most important thing to you.

you aren't going to be awesome or cool... you already are. you are talented. you are something.



p.s. don't get rid of all of your awesome vintage dollar-bag thrift store clothes!!! that's one regret you don't want to deal with later. trust me!!! ;)

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