lists are my go-to

some pieces of today.

1. as I already inquired on fb: how is it only tuesday?! (this was actually one of my first thoughts this morning)

2. I thought the bhutas didn't come out during the brahma muhurta? I swear I got clamped this morning - around 5ish. it felt really real. but then again, maybe it was just part of my dream? - which was also super weird. but I don't remember it clearly enough to explain. but I do remember feeling like I was shouting the maha-mantra and "RADHE RADHE!!" really loud, but I wasn't because I wasn't actually awake... and I was feeling the clamp!

3. I hate the new credit cards with the chips in them that you have to stick into the machine and leave there. it really irks me for some reason.

4. ever not remember what you did in the shower? like you're standing there and all of a sudden you're like, "whoa, wait a minute? did I shampoo my hair already??" yea, I'm pretty sure I washed my face twice this morning.

5. I need like three more hours in a day. maybe four, actually. even if I spend them doing nothing or sleeping, I still need them.

6. I ordered 51 copies of my poetry book today. it's weird. and scary. and crazy. and idk and stuff.

7. now that it's getting crisper outside, we don't leave tulsi out or put her out in the morning. so she doesn't go outside until I get home. I moved her three different times so she could get some direct sunlight.

8. is it friday yet?

9. I wore the bunny dress today.

hey little guy.

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