lilith fair

this afternoon while I was driving madhavi to her dad's for the weekend, I got the urge to put on some music. I often drive in silence so as to better hear the chatter in my brain - but it felt too quiet all around. I couldn't really decide what to put on and as I was thinking about it, this conversation I had with two of my god-siblings popped into my head. we were eating lunch together one afternoon this past august at the bhakti immersion retreat, chitchatting and prajalpa-ing and though I can't completely remember the context, I said something about how I never really listened to hard-core music before I met the devotees. I think in my first year or so as a new bhaktin, I listened to a little shelter and 108, but meh, not my speed. so the obvious question from my friends was about what kind of music I was into. I'm always a little embarrassed to answer this question, because there aren't many devotees who share my musical taste (for some very odd reason). I think I answered something like, "I don't know, like girlie music - tori amos, alanis morissette... like that." they both kind of laughed and one of them said, "so like lilith fair music?" and then we all kind of laughed together - though I think they were both laughing at me. ha!

anyway, stream of consciousness... this made me think of ani difranco and I realized I hadn't listened to her in forever! so I put on some playlist that I made ages ago and just soaked up how awesome she is. how could I forget???

madhavi didn't like her at first - but after a few songs in she said she wasn't so bad. and then I was thinking how I should make her a playlist of awesome 90s(ish) girl music...I mean, taylor swift is great and stuff... but she wouldn't be so awesome if it wasn't for the ladies who came before her!

I have to really think about it more, but here are a few of the songs I would put on the playlist:

* tori amos - silent all these years

* alanis morissette - head over feet (but acoustic... because.)

* fiona apple - sleep to dream

* pj harvey - man-size

* ani difranco - both hands

* bjork - like someone in love

* liz phair - extraordinary

* lisa loeb - stay

* natalie merchant - carnival

there are so many more I could add. these were just the first artists/songs that popped into my head. and if I added more recent stuff, this list could go on and on! #90sforlife ha!

90s girlie music me. taken at the talent show my junior year, when my band, ophelia's soupe, won playing a tori amos song! 

p.s. I've never been to the lilith fair. just for the record.

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