freewrite: sooooooo...

I had no idea what to write, so I just started writing. this is very disjointed and flow of consciousness - welcome to my brain. ha! anyway, writing every day is hard. when I asked gita what I should write about she said "cows burping". so yea, you can see where that ended up.


so, yea. here I am. again. my little office is cold year round it seems. in the summer our downstairs holds the cold from the a/c, and it seems like in the colder months it will be harder to keep warm. but I'm here none the less. my eyes are heavy. I meant to iron my dress for tomorrow - a cute black babydoll/swing style dress with grey bunnies. but now I'm too tired. I guess I'll wear something less wrinkley. I've been going pretty much nonstop since I got home from work - where I also feel like I was goinggoinggoing all day. though most of my "going" at work seems to be while sitting at my desk. when I think back, I didn't do anything particularly strenuous - I'm reading A Child Called "It" with my residents and we blazed through 27 pages. that's a lot for them to read in one sitting - it's basically reading bell-to-bell, which is intense for them. but we all want to be finished with the book so badly that they just powered through. I did some online browsing. madhavi needs jeans. there is a shirt from american eagle that I've been eyeing since the summer. I'm almost finished with the book I'm reading and trying to decide what is next, which means amazon scrolling. but I didn't buy anything. then checking emails, balancing my checkbook, grading papers, making some last minute changes to my poetry book manuscript. and then all of a sudden I'm home goinggoinggoing. emptying the dishwasher, chanting my japa, bringing the ladies to go get pumpkins, then making dinner - monday is one of my only free nights at home, so it's one of the only nights I have to cook. tonight was cornbread and four bean chili. plus gita needed a new batch of soup - she only eats lentil soup, basically. so there has to be some ready for her thermos for lunch tomorrow. I had to just go up to say goodnight to gita and she kept answering everything with "humpback whale" attached. like I said, "goodnight, gita. please stay in your bed tonight." and she replied, "ok humpback whale!" umm, ok? ha! she's such a weirdo, especially when she's punch-drunk tired. I think I'm going to end now. I've been trying to make a habit of reading for 30ish minutes when I'm home in the evenings, from 7:30-8. it doesn't happen every night, since, as I already said, I'm not home every evening, but it's nice to do when I'm here. so yea, I'm going to do that now. read, drink this cup of tea, and then zone out.

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