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this past saturday was amazing. my book "launched" and I was really fortunate to be able to read some of my poems in front of real-life people. it was a very validating experience for me...to feel like people really thought my work was good and maybe even like it is art.

I can feel the creative energy of this vata season flowing. I was writing in my head (as usual) while driving to work this morning. it turned out to be (at least for right now) two separate poems that I was somehow writing simultaneously... well, in my head, at the time, it was one poem, but once I got to work and actually had a chance to start writing in earnest, the lines became two different poems. they're still rough right now, so I feel like I need to give them a little room to breathe and grow before I share them.

I'm also reading this amazing book of poems by maggie royer called the no you never listened to. it's soooooooo good. so good. so.good. it's extremely raw and honest and even though I've not had the same experiences as her (as the poems revolve around her sexual assault) I can relate to her honest, vulnerable purging. and reading good stuff makes me more creative, and ultimately a better writer. number one rule of writing: read. read. and read more.

I'm sitting in this little local café as I write (madhavi is participating in a scholastic competition down the street) and there's all of this amazing art on the wall and a fire place going and an espresso machine making frothy sounds and hip music playing (well, it was hip, but hootie and the blowfish just came on... seriously?!)... and as I was just about to start writing about how I've come to the realization that living a "writer's life" would probably be too hard for me... I started to feel a burn in my chest like it's the thing that I want more than anything. to sit and write. to feel as comfortable and at peace as I do right now in this moment all of the time. but I guess real life isn't really like a coffee house, right?

at the stay gold café and lounge in belmar, nj

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