this week

this week I...

- realized that if I only worked one job and didn't constantly over-commit myself, I could actually cook dinner for my family more regularly.

- received an irritating email from a student who was dissatisfied with his final grade. this wouldn't have been so bad except he blamed me for the grade. and I quote, "you ruined my 3.94 GPA." yea, pretty sure I didn't do that.

- was reminded how very much I do not want any more children.

- stressed over a strange full-body rash that madhavi broke out with over the weekend. we were convinced it was fifths disease, even though her doctor said it wasn't. well, her doctor wasn't sure exactly what it was... but anyway, she literally cleared up "over-night" monday into tuesday. she's still a little hoarse from having a chest/sinus thing going on. but she's thankfully much, much better.

- was quite productive. I cleaned out my folders from last semester, did lots of shredding, caught up on all my blog-reading from over winter break, started The Red Tent, worked out my syllabi for spring semester, wrote a letter of recommendation, and cleaned my classroom fishtank/dusted around my classroom. honestly, with as much free time that I have at my regular full-time job, I could have easily done double this. but why?

- shopped a bit online. purchases included: bulk asafoetida, contour memory foam pillow, bully, and some aveda face stuff. I also received this book, which I ordered last week. I think it will be my next read once I'm done with The Red Tent. oh, and I'm still waiting to get this super awesome shirt in the mail, which I ordered after the new year when the company offered 20% off. I'd been eyeing it for a while, so I figured whatever, #yolo.

that's all I've got peeps! I hope you had a fantabulous week and stayed warm wherever you are in the world!

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