dear body

dear body,

I hate you. it's true and it needs to be said. but most people will think this is because of some body image problem or lack of self-worth issues. but no. let's be real here: you are just a bag of suffering. my neck hurts. my hamstrings hurt. the inside of right knee hurts. the bottom of my left foot hurts. I just ate some crappy food and my stomach feels gross. I have hemorrhoids (yea, tmi, I know)... need I say more about that? my cuticles are peeling. my leg hair won't stop growing. my cervix could be growing a giant tumor at this very moment that will kill you! so much suffering in one tiny, tiny package. and all for what? to be here in this crap-tastical material world to enjoy?! enjoy what? where? yoohoo, enjoyment!! where are you?! marco! hurlo!?


I guess it's a good thing that I am not you, dear body. but with all of the time we spend together, you could have fooled me. I try to take care of you the best I can, but you often betray me with all of these aches and pains. give a girl a break every once and a while, eh?

I'm trying not to be mad at you, because, after all, you're just a body. but still. stop being such a hater. chill out a little.


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