the vows I would make if I could keep them

today is the first day of kartika - the holiest month in the vaisnava calendar. it is a time of deep prayer and a time to make promises (vratas) in order to come closer to krishna.

I suck at making vows. I always want to make them and keep them in earnest. but I usually flounder and falter. I feel especially unprepared to make and keep even the simplest vrata this year. but if I lived the perfect spiritual life, these are the vows I would want to make...

- chant damodarastakam and offer a candle daily

- read krishna lila daily

- chant my japa

- make an offering to my deities daily

- no tv / social media

- write every day

when I look at them all together they don't seem so intimidating... well except maybe the no tv / social media one... but it makes me wonder why it's so hard. my life is hectic and crazy and busy. I guess that's my reason, my excuse. I keep telling myself that one day it won't be like this, that one day I'll be able to worship krishna the way he deserves to be worshipped. one day. hopefully before I'm dead.

happy kartika!

damodar-lila painted by my husband as a gift for a friend

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