procrastination at its finest

so I have a bunch of stuff that I should be doing right now, but instead I decided to fill out this tween quiz that madhavi had pinned on pinterest. dude. don't even ask. I know.

1. full name: kadamba mala devi dasi

2. current crush: mc yogi

3. addiction: (iced) tea

4. how tall am I: 5’4ish

5. relationship status: grihasta

6. girls I trust: I’d say I trust my bffs (see 23), but honestly, I don’t really trust anyone completely except my husband. everyone has loose lips to some degree or other. myself included.

7. boys I trust: my husband.

8. current mood: meh. not super, not unsuper. just kind of whatevs.

9. favorite color: black

10. confession: I don’t have a daily yoga-asana practice.

11. who I miss: my guru maharaj.

12. who I last hugged: gita, this morning when I dropped her off at school.

13. who understands me: I don’t think anyone understands me completely. hell, I don’t even understand me completely…

14. someone who is always there for me: my husband.

15. last text: from madhavi. to my husband.

16. what pissed me off lately: hmm. I was in a class where the person relating a story didn’t really understand the story but made a huge judgment about it. it's kind of hard to explain without going into detail, and my instinct is that I don’t want to be critical of this person because I respect the person. but this particular incident made me so heated because I felt like it came from a place of ego and ignorance. like the person could have said the same exact thing, but if I knew that the person knew what s/he was talking about I could accept it – not agree, but just accept that that is his/her view. anyway. whatevs.

17. who makes me laugh the most: this is hard. I feel like I’m surrounded by funny people. my husband, gita, kdubbs, lavanga, myself. I mean seriously, I’m pretty funny. haha!

18. who I do the craziest stuff with: I guess Katie-kdubbs. we can get pretty silly. though I think most of the “crazy” stuff we do are things we just talk about hypothetically but don’t actually do. haha!

19. who makes me smile: my husband, my daughters. krishna.

20. what am I listening to: this kid in my class is breathing really loud right now. they're in the middle of taking a test and this is what I’m doing to procrastinate other things I should be doing…

21. turn ons: this question makes me feel weird.

22. turn offs: making sounds when eating; breathing too loud; snapping gum; using gross words for body parts (think the “t” word for breasts); bad grammar.

23. best friends: jd, lavanga, katie, abby.

24. second confess: hmm, I can't think of anything good. hmmph.

25. what I hate: the fact that this is the lamest kartik ever for me. I've pretty much done nothing. and it's all completely my fault. on one hand I'm just being lazy as hell. and on the other hand I set my life up in such a way that I never have the ability to have a real spiritual life. 

26. who’s annoying: amber from rhonj

random store selfie from the summer. yea, I don't know either.

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