things that I find comforting

here are some things that I find very comforting, both when I'm not feeling so great and just in general.

- hot tea. usually green.

- popcorn. buttery, with salt and nutritional yeast. a big ass bowl of it!

dog not necessary.

- a law and order marathon. usually svu, but I'll settle for any variety if necessary.

- cheese. as in mac'n. and french fries. ok, basically carbs.

- eka pada rajakapotasana. dead style. held for at least five minutes on each side.

this isn't the dead variety, but you get the idea.

- closed eyes. dark room.

- chocolate. in pretty much any form.

- hearing my guru's voice.

- a hand and/or foot massage.

there was another one that I thought of and I've been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to remember what it was... oh well. this list is pretty comprehensive.

tryin not to, bro.

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