faith, surrender, and anxiety

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so I was kind of sort of thinking/wondering about the relationship between faith a surrender because I had to put together a potential yoga workshop...like, I could make the theme of the workshop whatever I wanted as long as I had a corresponding story to go with it. so anyway, I had this idea to have a wall workshop centered around the interconnectedness of faith and surrender wherein I used the story of Draupadi's disrobing in the Mahabharat. so I wondered which is the appropriate term for "surrender" - because in sanskrit there are a few... pranidhana, saranagati, saranam...anyway, that's just the back story to why I thought this little excerpt I'm about to share was neat.

after I had already written out the workshop, I was listening to this class from my guru maharaj and found this little portion quite applicable to some things I was thinking about. I thought it would be fun to share. because sharing is caring and stuff.

just as a side note: remember that this is my transcription of a spoken class. so the grammar and whatnot may not be perfect, because maharaj is speaking it. and also this is a small section of a bigger class... which incidentally, you can find here.

from Sunday, September 14, 2014: class on Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 1 Chapter 6 Text 16.

"[…] Faith also means saranagata. Faith means surrender. What’s surrender mean in Sanskrit? Saranagata. That you go for shelter. You’re confident. You’re confident that that relationship with the divine that you will maintain in every way. You lose any type of fear that you have. You become fearless. I was thinking today that all anxiety is connected to the desire to enjoy and control. All anxiety practically speaking. Because what’s our anxiety? That we’re losing something, or something is not going to go our way… it all has to do with control of the world. I was thinking, you know, and I’m watching…at least I hope I’m advancing a little bit that I can watch my mind…and even if I can look at it, it’s so real sometimes these… and I just see, you have one major anxiety and then somehow you get over that major anxiety and then the next day you have some other anxiety. Something that was so unimportant the day before when you had that other major anxiety. And then when that major anxiety goes, then that minor anxiety becomes so real. So many silly ways in which we wander, but one who has faith, one who has devotion, one who has love…then his happiness is within his own hands. Because it has to do not with his destiny, what happens with one, but with one’s freewill, how one is responding. It doesn’t matter the external circumstances. […]"

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