vine summer

I've been on a major hiatus - this is true. but I haven't been dead... I figured, because I'm lazy, instead of writing all about what I did this summer, I'd just show you. my husband became obsessed with vine (a social networking app where you can make 6-second looping videos) a few months ago. I wanted to be in his world, so I joined and started making vines too. I wasn't (and am not) as obsessed as he was/is, but it is pretty cool. I decided to make a vine compilation video of all of the vines I made from the end of june until now. it's funny to see my summer unfold through these silly videos. some are meant to be artsy, some funny, some silly, and others to just capture moments. when jd saw the whole thing he said it seemed like a weird documentary.

anywho, I think it's kind of fun. enjoy, or don't. whatevs. :)


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