30/30: day four haiku

ugh, honestly. I got nothin'. today has been such a long day. I'm tired. grey's anatomy is on right now. the last thing I feel like doing is writing a poem. but I feel totally lame that I already skipped a day - even if I made up with two yesterday. sigh!

I'm a little bit psyched though, because I found that one of my most favorite poets, rachel mckibbens, has a bunch of her own prompts up and they're so good! honestly, the 30dpc ones have really let me down, so I am grateful for rachel's more hip and thoughtful ones. but I have no energy for hip and thoughtful right now. so here's something, because as I always say, something is better than nothing.


when in doubt, write a haiku...

sun rises and sets.
put down the pen, close the book.
even poems sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly love the poem so much!