what I wore: sunday morning program at the bhakti center, nyc

it seems like the deepest I can go on this blog these days are posts about what I wear. sigh.

yesterday I hitched a ride with my friend kisori to the bhakti center's sunday morning program. I decided to not wear a sari because I was potentially going to dance (hahaha!) during a free introductory bharatnatyam class given by the very lovely and talented komala kumari. I got out of the dancing part by volunteering to take photos of the class instead. it was a fun day out and about... here's what I wore...

dress: anokhi in "vintage" print. purchased in the u.s. via raga rags

it was really cold out yesterday so I didn't take my sweater off. I wish I had so you could get the full experience. here is a pic I took when I first got the dress...

I'm so in love with this dress it hurts. lurv it.

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