take the spoon out of the cup. duh.

in my yoga teacher training program we are supposed to take all varieties of classes so that we get a full well-rounded experience. so tonight I took a flexibilities/chair yoga class - something I would normally never take because I'm young and spry and don't have any limiting injuries. 

during the class the teacher said something really great that struck me on so many different levels. he was talking about how we shouldn't go past our limit and that if something hurts we should stop doing it. 

first he simply said, "if you're hurting yourself, stop!"

even that kind of hit me right to the core.

but then he went on and said something along these lines (I'm paraphrasing, but this is pretty close...)

"if you went to the doctor and you said to the doctor, 'doctor, every time I drink hot chocolate I get this pain in my eye.' what do you think the doctor would tell you?! he'd say, 'take the spoon out of the cup!' so if you're doing something that hurts you, stop doing it!"

what a f'ing revelation! this is real ahimsa. practicing non-violence against the self. and it doesn't just mean in yoga asana practice - it's like everywhere in life. take the spoon out of bad relationships. take the spoon out of your negative-self talk. take the spoon out of hurtful actions and language. just take the goddamn spoon out!!!!