screw you, 2012.

hit play. then read on.

this year by kmala gutierrez on Grooveshark

I'm not going to sugar coat this...

2012 was indeed the worst year of my life. so all I have to say to dear old 2012 is good riddance. actually, I could think of a few other expletives that I'd like to use to describe 2012, but I probably shouldn't.

the next part of this electric gorilla's wise words was "BETTER"... as in everything will get better. so I'm trying to have faith that 2013 is going to be way better than 2012. but I'm not holding my breath. my astrologer says that my real golden age is coming when my rahu period starts in 2014. so yea, it might be a little while.

at any rate, my most bestest wishes to you and yours in the new year. I hope your 2013 is better than your 2012 - even if your 2012 rocked. because then your 2013 will be SUPER awesome. and you can't beat that.

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