2012 'to-do list' round-up

well hello there.

in a post at the beginning of this year I told you about how I don't do new year's resolutions. making any kind of plan/resolution/vow is usually a bad idea for me. I don't tend to stick to them for very long, if at all. so instead of making resolutions I made a "to-do" list of sorts. not that you care, but here is how I progressed on this list through out the year...

1. read the following books:
 -gone with the wind 
 -unaccostumed earth 
-her fearful symmetry     
-is everyone hanging out without me? 

ok, so I read unaccostumed earth and am in the middle of her fearful symmetry. actually, I've been in the middle of it for like four months. it's good, don't get me wrong, but it's not totally grabbing me. and since I started dong my yoga teacher training, I've been reading like five books at one time. I didn't read the other two. one and half is better than none.

2. learn to crochet for real

well, I learned how to do a granny square and made a bunch of them but it kind of pittered (wait, pittered? or puttered? what word am I even thinking of?!) out after a while. again, I'm so busy usually that I either don't have the time or energy for another hobby. sigh.

3. do the couch to 5k program. 

a person needs energy and time for such things. I tried to start it again (for like the third time I think) and then something weird happened to my foot and I lost my momentum. oh well.

4. do a 5k

totally done! check! you can see my whole post about it here. I can't wait to do the color run again next year. maybe I'll actually run it. ha!

5. make quilts for my ladies

totally didn't even come close to happening.

6. lose 15 lbs. 

this actually happened. and then I started having panic attacks and nervous breakdowns and went on a lot of dumbass medication and I gained all that shizzle back. it sucks. because now that I'm off my meds I get to try to lose it all again. I have a plan though. so yea, ya know. 

7. wean gita.

this was the most important item on the to-do list for me and it happened! thank you thank you thank you to my very patient, understanding, and dedicated husband! gita was officially weaned in april. I skeedaddled for three days and he withstood all kinds of torture and she was weaned. when I came home from my vacation in... um, toms river... she was pretty much totally over it. now she sleeps through the night and eats real people food (ok, sometimes she eats real people food... mostly she just snacks, but that's a totally other thing...). I think the main thing that we've gained from this, though, is that I don't really feel weird feelings of resentment toward her anymore. resentment isn't the right word, really, but when she was nursing our whole relationship centered around her doing just that - asking for milk all of the time. I was basically her milk machine. now we can just chill and hang out and play and stuff and none of that pressure is there. our whole relationship has been redefined and I'm so grateful for it.

so that's that. I've been contemplating a list for 2013. sigh. I don't know. is it even worth it? why bother? why not just do what I'm going to do and enjoy the ride? why pressure my self? yea, I don't know. I'm still thinking about it. stay tuned.

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