oh yes. it is official.

him: miss, you go on twitter?

me: no.

he looks at another boy across the room and shrugs his shoulders.

me: I mean, I have a twitter account, but I don't go on. I kind of think twitter is stupid.

him: oh, yea, me and him had a bet that you were a hipster.

YES! yes, grasshopper, thank you. I am glad that my cat dress made you see the light.

in front of my classroom door: "incarcerate" is a permanent vocab word here. control, be advised, classroom 4 is the bestest of them all.

a side note - the history of the cat dress...

I first saw this print on this post on the bleubird vintage blog. I fell in love. so of course I followed her link to the creator, leah reena goren, and the beautiful cat dress - but alas, it was super duper expensive. $180 was a bit out of my price range. it has always remained on my most wanted list, but an actual purchase seemed frivolous. fastfoward to last week...when I saw a dress with the exact print on it at anthropologie on black friday I almost fell over. anthro had it originally retailing for $148. I found it on the sale rack for... wait for it... $19.95 (double marked down from $79). did I mention it was black friday? oh yea - there was an extra 25% off... so yea, I got that $148 dress for $14.95. yes, yes I did.

so excited in the dressing room at anthro on black friday.

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Ekavali said...

That's adorable! :) I actually think my old best friend from HS designed that dress. She's a senior designer @ Anthropologie. http://amandagneiding.prosite.com/39498/376729/gallery/cartonnier