"miss, why do you always dress like you're 16?"

yesterday I bought a super cute grey sweater with a black swallow on the front...

...from the juniors section at target...

honestly, I don't even pay attention to what section I'm shopping in. if I like something and looks good, I buy it. so when one of my students asked me today why I seem to always dress like I'm a 16-year-old girl, I couldn't help but laugh at first... but then I really started to think about it.

my first reaction was to sarcastically tell her that it was because I am eternally 16 in my heart. then I asked her (in all seriousness) if she thought I was trying too hard. my biggest fear would be to end up like one of those 60-year-old women trying to look 16. she assured me that no, it didn't look like I was actually trying at all. she said it looked natural and cute. hmm, ok, she was just making an observation. still, I had to really think about what she said.

there is a part of me that I do really feel like arrested at age 16. in some ways it was one of the freest and most organic creative periods in my life. I had friends and was writing like crazy and didn't have an insecure bone in my body. I never had body issues - ever! - in high school. I had boyfriends, but not in like a slutty way. I was a normal weight for my height and not chunky or flabby or anything. and I wasn't a stick either. anyway, I'm not saying all of this to say how awesome I was or something - I had my fair share of problems. doesn't everyone? I guess my point is that it was a very carefree time for me outside of my home life - which sucked, but that's a whole other thing. I had so many positive teacher-role models during that time that it inspired me to want to become a teacher myself - not because I love education or english (though I do!) but because I wanted to be what those teachers were to me for my own students.

I digress... I am glad that I am seen by my students as someone who is young at heart. I'm not their friend and they don't treat me like I am. but they also trust me and respect me. well, most of them that is! most of all, I'm glad she didn't say I looked like I was trying too hard. ha!

me in my crazy classroom with today's vocab.

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