I swear this is normal.

when my husband saw me this morning he said, "uhhh, I don't think that outfit is going to do much for your dressing-like-you're-16 image..."


but for the record, I didn't wear this outfit on purpose to keep up the image. in fact, I wore this same exact outfit for thanksgiving - which may be weird in and of itself. it made me think of how a few weeks ago another student said to me that she wishes she could see me on the outside (meaning like in real life - on the bricks. because I work in a residential detention center...) so she could see how I dress. I was like, um, this is how I dress! she found that kind of funny.

but really, this is it. I can't help it. it's my style, yo.

this is a pic I took on thanksgiving and posted on my friend's fb wall to show her that I had bought a pair of leggings that we had discussed from target... and yes, in the juniors section...

today, in my classroom by my "almost dead plants" corner. giving you a 16-ish smirk.

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