yoga, day 6, and dogshaming

remember that thing I said yesterday that I was only 99.9% sure about? well now I'm 100%. starting in september I will embark on the journey of becoming a certified yoga instructor. I'll be taking a 200 hour training course offered through kula-kamala-yoga.

ok, now wait right there. I know what you're thinking (or at least this is what I think you're thinking... and isn't that all that's important?!), "oh, just another one jumping on the 'becoming a yoga teacher' bandwagon." but honestly, I'm not even so much in it to teach. part of me is and another part of me can't picture myself actually teaching a class. my real intention is to develop and deepen my own personal practice and use the physical act of yoga to reconnect/develop spiritually. you're probably also thinking why don't I just do yoga at home? or just go to classes? why do an intensive, time consuming, and expensive teacher training program. honestly, the biggest reason is because I'm lazy. what I know about myself is that if I dedicate myself to this type of program and accept a real yoga teacher (like in the guru sense) I will for sure do it. if I just leave myself to my own devices, I'll give up, or get lazy, or get discouraged, or whatever.

the thing that I really love about this particular studio and program is that the focus is on the individual's development through the study - about finding balance and peace. and most of all the main teacher of the program is very familiar with bhakti-yoga - the philosophy that is, more or less, krishna consciousness.

I could go on and on, but you know, I haven't eaten in six days, so I'm going to go zone out and try not to think about popcorn and pizza and crackers and cheese and...oh, um, right...

oh, one last thing... this morning jd and I were watching the today show and they featured this tumblr called dogshaming. this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. you know I had to get on the bandwagon, right? so I'll leave you with this image...