I'm being lazy about blogging. sorry?

I'm just finishing up day three of my blueprint cleanse journey. so far so good. I've felt pretty good for the past three days. day one is always difficult, of course, because it's an adjustment period and whatnot. I was super surprised by how much energy I had yesterday for day two. and today wasn't so bad either. I felt a little less energy and more hungry overall, but like I said, in general I'm workin' it.

I went and bought three(ish) more days of juices this morning. in my mind I had kind of already committed to doing a full ten days...until I realized how much it was going to cost. it's just way too expensive for me right now. but as of right now I feel like I'd be into doing the bpc again after I start getting paid in september. so I'll end up doing 6/7ish days (I have a little extra juice that might last me an additional day). I'm ok with that. though I am looking forward to chewing again... like anything... lettuce, tree bark, whatever.

ok, I got off my lazy butt and blogged. now it's time to get ready for a new episode of RHONJ. yea baby!

what I didn't have for dinner and what I did.

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