gearing up

that's a lot of freakin' juice!
so tomorrow is the big day. I'll be plunging head first into the blueprint cleanse. I won't go into too much detail about what it entails - you can check out the link and read up for yourself - but the idea is pretty simple: nothing but their juices. I'll be starting by doing three days of the renovation level. I figure by sunday I'll have a pretty good idea of how I'm doing with it and will decide then how much longer and  what level I'd like to do. I ended up buying my juice at whole food as opposed to ordering from bpc directly. ordering from them would cost me $75 a day - yes, you read that right, $75 a day. buying the juices from whole foods ($6.99-10.99 per bottle, depending on the flavor) ended up averaging $50 per day - so even though I have to drive out there (maybe spending $5-$10 in gas?) I'm still saving about $25 a day. sure, if I was super ambitious I could make all of these juices myself - there are plenty of blackmarket recipes for this cleanse out there... but I'm not ambitious. I'm lazy as hell.

I've been feeling insanely fat and bloated. I don't know how much if it is my eating and how much of it is potentially the zoloft - but I don't care. I feel intensely motivated to cleanse and lose some freaking weight. I know by day two/three when I see some pounds dropped, I'll be even more motivated - even though I know it's going to be super hard. no pain, no gain.

maybe the new love of my life will remove my detox obstacles?? (I had to find a way to get this picture into this post!)

I love him! tiny ganesh on my wrist, by tom yak of electric tattoo

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