bpc day five, or holy crap I haven't eaten in five days...

yea. you read that right. I haven't eaten any solid food in five...FIVE days.

so far I really love the blueprint cleanse. it's way easier than the master cleanse, like hands-down. I've definitely been through some ups and downs. mostly though, I feel totally fine and normal. in fact, I just realized that the initial headachey feeling that I had has been gone for a while. but I won't lie to you - I get hungry. and cranky. but that's usually mid-day. in the morning I seem to be fine and in the evening too - like right now I'm not really hungry. and an hour or so ago I had a burst of energy and was cleaning and hanging pictures and crazy stuff like that. and sure, I'd rather be eating and I can't wait for my first real meal... and I miss pizza like the deserts miss the rain...but it's all temporary. I'm planning to be drinking the juice until thursday. I counted how much juice I have left and I should only be one juice short. so I was thinking maybe I'll have a light vegetable soup for dinner on thursday. but we'll see.

oh, and I wanted to mention, also that I've been feeling much much better emotionally/mentally. I hope that this kind of stable-ness that I'm feeling lasts. it kind of feels good.

oh! and I'm 99.9% positive that I'm about to embark on a very exciting new journey, but I don't want to speak too soon, so I'll let you know when it's 100% - hopefully tomorrow.

'aight, peace out.

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