thank you.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has contacted me both in fb comments and private messages with love and support after my post last night. it has meant so much to me to know that there are people who have been where I am and/or care and love me so much.

I also want to reiterate that I am ok. I am far from being in crisis - though I still have lots of work to do. so don't worry - everything will get better and stuff.

I'm also planning a real doozey of a post for tomorrow... so stay tuned.

as for me, I had a lovely evening eating and chatting and connecting with my bff. and now I'm exhausted... so off I go...goodnight!

totally stole this from her instagram feed!

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nikhilm said...

really do not know you but i happened by chance to read you blog- ' Honesty and the 4 regulative principles'.
I really liked the way you came clean and admire your honesty. I am not a Vasihnava but have a few close Vasihnava friends and i can very well relate to your dilemna.
Coincidentally, after reading your blog i came across another blog which i thought i would like to share. Its about the Buddhist and Zen perspective on religion and life which i felt like sharing with you because its such a different perspective and so very uplifting.
So here is the link:
Hope you find your peace someday :)