can't stop, won't stop.

no, you're not seeing things... 

I knew things were getting really bad when I bought the lava lamp. sigh. my crazy shopping itch has returned with a vengeance - much like a rash... or herpes outbreak or something. I just can.not.stop.buying.crap!!! and when I say crap, I don't really mean crap. I mean like really pretty dresses and cute clothes and shoes and hangers and earrings and bracelets and...yea, ok a lava lamp.

I don't know if it's because my anxiety is taking a different form, or I'm on a shopping-only-manic-upswing...or can I blame it on my meds?

eh, who cares - the clothes make it totally worth it.

oh, and I love the lava lamp. so there!!!

mr. salt and mrs. pepper are very excited to be living next to sexy buddha butter dish.

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