I haven't *really* been running per say - but something like it. ok, yea, more like a jog. but when I'm up on that treadmill it certainly feels like running...but luckily for my ego there's a full-length mirror on the opposite wall of the treadmills, so all I have to do is look over at myself to know that I am for sure not running. but it's ok because I've been kind of kicking ass at the whole couch-to-5k thing. and when I say kicking ass, I mean I've been pretty good at going to the gym at least three times a week...sometimes more than that, which has felt amazing. so far I'm on week five, though I've been doing the program for more than five weeks. I've repeated some of the weeks to help build up my endurance. but it's been really nice for building up my confidence, because there has been a few weeks that I looked at the jogging times and thought for sure I couldn't do it - and then went ahead and did it! I'm still skeptical of myself though - when I think about jogging for even ten minutes straight I start to feel a little anxiety. but for now I'm doing great.

I'm also still doing weight watchers, which kind of sucks but has been really helping. so far with WW and c25k combined, I've lost 7 lbs. since the beginning of february. that's pretty damn good if you ask me. I was thinking about it today and decided to treat myself to my very first mocha frappe of the season. it is, after all, the first day of spring... I deserve it!

so, yea, that's what I've been up to.

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