what I wore: happy birthday nitai!

painting of lord nityananda rama by my jd

today is nityananda triyodasi, otherwise known as lord nityananda's appearance day, or in normal-speak it's his birthday. nityananda, lovingly called nitai, is sri chaitanya mahaprabhu's (you know, the kali-yuga incarnation of krishna) big brother. my husband is a nityananda bhakta. in other words, he loves nitai. it's been a long, long time since we've been to a sunday feast program at the temple. I actually think this was our first full sunday feast program since gita was born. and if you haven't noticed, I haven't been doing any outfit posts lately...because we haven't been going anywhere! it's true, my consciousness has been pretty foggy lately. if you remember from my vlog a couple of weeks ago, I've been questioning the krishna consciousness process a lot lately. but like I said in the vlog, I still and will always love krishna. it felt really good to go to the temple tonight. and even though I didn't get to eat any prasadam because gita wouldn't sit down and only wanted to run around the hall and I was hangry the whole way home, I'm still super glad we went. we even talked about trying to go once a month. I know it's not a lot, but it's something! hap-hap-happppiest of birthday's nitai! here's what I wore...

what I wore:
orissan sari turned skirt (this is one of the first saris I ever had! I love the big border and the big bold print peacocks!) - probably from matchless gifts at the ISKCON temple in brooklyn, ny. but that's via ganga prasad in vrindavan I'm sure!
black cotton pintuck kurti - fabindia
tones of purple scarf - gap

my favorite part of this outfit? all of the different textures - the super soft cotton in the skirt, the ridgey pintucks in the kurti, and the burlap-iness of the scarf.

oh, and the most important outfit of the day... here's what sri sri radha-saradbihari wore:

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