sorry kids

hey lads and lasses - sorry there's no vlog today. I kind of don't really have anything to talk about - though I know that usually doesn't stop me from making one. I guess I'm just kind of tired, and I'm already in my pj's with no make-up on (I never thought I would ever be the type of person to not want to be seen without make-up on...). so anywho, in lieu of the vlog, I thought I'd share a few fun videos I've come across over the past little while.

1. this is my new favorite song. I first heard about this song a few months ago from my favorite australian blog goodnight little spoon. so, I already know I'm like way behind in liking gotye - but seriously, even though this song is super depressing - it's also super good!

2. I really hope this poetic drama comes stateside, and when I say that I mean to nj.

3. I know this sounds mean, but I kind of don't care about the whole whitney houston thing. I mean, yes, it's sad. it's sad when anyone dies, but like I didn't know her. we weren't friends. so seeing stuff about her dying on tv every 30 seconds was kind of annoying. especially when there's soldiers dying in other countries in wars. or like when drunk drivers are smashing up cars and killing babies. that stuff just seems way more relevant. but, wait, anyway, I saw this tribute to whitney houston on fb via hellogiggles.

4. lastly, this is just funny because of the strange obsession with unicorns I now have...the one born of my tongue-in-cheek unicorn taxidermy hobby. jd and I laughed when we saw this and both agreed how awesome it would be if we had a room in our house like this one.

I promise a vlog next week!

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