he said, "because everyday is valentine's day"

about a month ago my husband and I agreed that we would do a hand-made gifts valentine's day this year. we were coming off a spend-a-lot holiday season, and it just seemed more frugal (and meaningful!) to do it handmade. about two weeks ago jd handed me a package and said, "because everyday is valentine's day." I just want you to know, that's the kind of awesome, thoughtful man I am married to. like seriously, just for no reason other than he's the bestest husband in the world did he randomly give me this gift.

so anyway, I opened it and this is what I found...

isn't it awesome? not only is the symbolism here touching, but it's just beautiful! and he made me look prettier and skinnier than I am in real life! haha, I know, I'm ridiculous to notice that. but he told me that he purposefully made us look like the comic book versions of ourselves. anywho, as I was admiring it we both simultaneously had the same idea - well actually, I thought it, but he said it (I didn't want to ask for anything else after this awesome present!) - that he should do a whole family series and make it like a family tree. and so a few days later the rest of our family manifest...

isn't he amazing? I love him so much.

I also love all of you, and today is valentine's day, so I thought it would be the perfect day to announce the winner of my loyal vlog viewer giveaway. if you didn't enter, it's either because a) you don't like starbucks (um, weird!) or b) you didn't watch this friday's vlog. that's a bummer for you!

and the winner is...

congratulations jaya subhadra! go get that coffee frapp you've been dreaming of! xoxoxo!

me and jaya su on a rickshaw...back in the day!

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