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I'm quite happy. I accomplished all but one of my goals from last week - and actually surpassed one, which felt super good! this week's list is looking very similar, but I seem to be holding that pattern - like there are a few repeaters every week and then I throw in a new goal here and there. let's look...

* read one story from unaccustomed earth - check! this book is so good! I wish I had more time to read every day so I can just finish it already! back on the list for this week. this has been the item that seems to get neglected every week - let's see how it fairs.

* go to the gym at least once - um, triple check! yes, I ended up going three times this week.  I was very excited about that - although I wish I could space my visits out better. for example, I went tuesday, wednesday, and sunday. the space between wednesday and sunday felt huge, kind of like I lost my stamina. although, I've been feeling super crappy health wise, so I'm chalking up how hard it felt on sunday to that. I didn't go today only because I still feel yukkie and don't want to push myself to the point of getting worse. but madhavi has all week off of school, which means I don't have to rush home to go pick her up. so, in essence, I could potentially go to the gym every day this week. fingers crossed!

* keep on grannying it up - yes, I'm still in love with the grannies. and although I didn't crochet as much as I would have liked to this week, I still did. and I decided I'm going to just make a butt-load of squares and then sew them together. granny power!!

* figure out madhavi birthday party plan - check! and now I need to send out the invites, which pretty much needs to happen tomorrow. we're doing a very small, pretty much only friends from school roller skating party. she's very excited - especially since last year she kind of didn't have a party. holy cow, did I mention she's going to be ten?!

* go to one yoga class... ugh, wtf with not going to yoga?! I really want to go, but can't seem to line up my availability with the classes at the place I want to go. fingers crossed for this week - though I'm thinking it probably won't happen until as late as saturday night.

* check book balanced - done!

new ones for this week - keep it real on weight watchers. ugh, I'm feeling the struggle here. I wanted to be at a certain weight by my birthday, and I am happy that I actually accomplished that goal a week early. but we had a crazy weekend of eating and I've already used up all of my flex points for the week - which is bad because I still have three days before my weigh in this week. honestly, I'm just hoping I stayed the same. I'll be happy with that.

and lastly - this is my birthday week... yea, you heard me, week! ha! I'm just hoping I have a good one. I think at this point I'm officially a thirty-something lady. and yes, I find that slightly depressing. but you know what they say... one step closer to death. haha, how's that for being positive?

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