focus list

I'm happy that I accomplished half of my focus list from last week, but I really wanted to do some of the things I didn't get  to do and that was a little bit sad. let's have a visual recap along with what's to come for this week...

ok, so here's the deal about not reading (since this is the second week I haven't) - the new semester has begun, which means that reading for pleasure gets put to the side - at least until we get to the poetry unit of my class. so even though I know I probably won't get to it, I'm still keeping it on the list because I really want to finish this book! not because I don't like it - it's fantastic - but because I hate taking three years to finish a book.

the gym. sigh. I got to go once, which was good. but when it came to go day two and day three, I just felt like crap. it wasn't for lack of wanting or motivation. womanly things sometimes get in the way. whatevs. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. now my goal for this week is just once, and that's only because I got my feet tattooed on saturday and they're a little bit sore. like I'm kind of hobbling a little bit because the one part of my tattoos is right on the part of where my big toe bends. and since the toe is a hard-to-heal-properly spot, I want to go easy on it. I'm trying to keep positive about the no-gym thing by low-balling myself (uh, that sounded weird) - so if I go more than once, that will be super - but if I just go once, I'll be ok.

jd valentine's day gift - done! check! show-and-tell will be just around the mountain.

continuing the granny sqaure fun - um, hello! I'm totally addicted to grannying it up. I've made four nice squares so far, and got myself to the arts'n'crafts store this weekend and needlessly bought more yarn just for fun. I can see myself turning into a yarn hoarder...

yoga didn't get done last week - mostly because of the not feeling good thing - and it's back ont he agenda for this week. I might even go tonight. I might not be able to jog, but I'm thinking my toes can handle some yoga.

I definitely need to get on top of figuring out what to do for madhavi for her birthday. I have like zilch to spend on a party and she wants to go ice skatingm, which can be a little cha-ching. but I'm thinking to tell her she can invite just a few friends from school to keep it small. but her birthday is next week, so I need to get on it!

I seriously hate balancing my checkbook. seriously, does anyone in the world enjoy doing that depressing task?!

weight watchers is still going strong. I haven't done anything crazy yet and I'm getting my money's worth by losing. I'm looking forward to my jeans not being tight very soon. yeay!

that's all that's on the list for this week, folks. keep on keepin' it real!

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