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I am simultaneously proud and slightly bummed out. I'm proud because I accomplished the hardest thing on my focus list from last week - going to the gym three times. YES! I couldn't believe I actually did it - and it felt good! I'm feeling like I'm back in the couch25k groove... ok, maybe not the groove, but I'm jumping on the train. or something. but yea, I actually did it and went three times last week - and on top of that, I went to a nice yoga class too! that wasn't even on the list!

I also rejoined weight watchers, much to my own dismay. I mean, it sucks, but I need to have a way to control/gauge my eating and it's honestly the easiest way. my weigh-in was a little weird this week because I joined on tuesday but my weigh-in day is friday (the smartest weigh-in day in my humble opinion...), so when I weighed-in on friday I hadn't lost anything. but then I weighed myself on saturday and had lost 1.6. and I was still there when I weighed myself this morning. I'm trying hard not to weigh myself everyday (everybody knows you're not supposed to do that!), but it's hard not to. it'd be totally awesome if I lose more by this next weigh-in, but I know my womanly time is coming, so if I stay the same I'll be ok with that too.

so here's the split of last week's and this week's list...

ok, so to review, I basically only rejoined ww and went to the gym. I did some more work on jd's valentine's day present, but I still didn't finish it. I kind of cheating on the granny square goal. I didn't technically attempt it until today - which is kind of not last week, but is really this week. but I still did it... well, I tried to anyway!

umm, why is my square a circle?! hello uncrafting!

anywho, for this week much of my focus remains the same, with a bit of variation. the felt matryoshka has been taken off the list - because honestly, I know I'm not going to get to it until after I finish jd's present. I'm definitely going to try to continue my gym flow - but this week is definitely going to be hard because I have some other stuff going on. but I'm in the mindset, for sure! I also added going to one yoga class because I bought a five class card to the studio where I took a class this past weekend. so now I've got to use it!

this week's list seems simple, but it will for sure take focus to get it done. wish me luck!

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