double digits

today is my oldest daughter's tenth... yes, tenth...birthday. I can't believe I have a child in the double-digits. like, seriously.

when I think of where I was ten years ago from right this minute, I am simultaneously amazed and amused. I was totally hopped up on demerol and being wheeled into an emergency c-section. and just the fact that I was having a baby is a feat in itself - I never, ever thought I would have kids. ever. ha, and now look at me!

but when I think about how awesome madhavi is, I am slightly humbled. as much as she drives me crazy and annoys the bee-jesus out of me, I couldnt' imagine my life without her. she has taught me so many things about myself - mostly things that I didn't want to learn but needed to. she is so smart, and talented, and creative, and just a beautiful spirit. happy happy birthday to my little old lady!

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