I don't know why but it seems like all of the music I've been attracted to lately has been totally anti-love. I'm not particularly anti-love and I'm not having some weird relationship issues. shrug. your guess is as good as mine.

but seriously, have you heard the new jack white song?! it's freaking genius! I mean, he's a musical genius, so it only makes sense that the song is also genius. and I love him the way I loved trent reznor when I was in the tenth grade. even if he is kind of sceevy/creepy looking. but seriously, I've listened to this song like 457 times since yesterday.

I also heard this awesome of monsters and men song on the radio today. I've only listened to it a few times, but I'm already smitten with it. I already liked their other overplayed-on-the-radio song, so now I'm thinking I need to get the whole album. can't hurt.

I'm also including the gotye song I told you about last week... just because it's still freaking awesome!

so here's a little anti-love playlist for you. get ready to get sad. or angry. wooohooo! I loves me some sad and angry!

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