random thursday: tweet and buzz

it's definitely taking a bit of effort to get back into the swing of things after my holiday break from work. if you don't already know, I spent the majority of my break on a little vacay in disney with my family. it was fun, but sucked out all of my energy. it wasn't too fun to have to jump back into work after days of standing and walking and driving (we drove from nj to fl). soooo yea, it's been a little rough.

I thought I would quickly share with you my new favorite band to listen to. I discovered them on someone else's blog before the holidays (I can't remember which blog now) because the blogger had shared their cover of a christmas song. when I heard the singer's voice, I knew immediately that they were my speed. some googling and youtubing later and I was hooked! I downloaded an album and have been listening almost nonstop.

the bird and the bee is a dynamic alterna-popish duo. I seriously love, love, love Inara's voice. and her style. I totally recommend downloading ray guns are not just the future. the song my love sounded so familiar to me - like I'd heard to before somewhere. it's so gooooood! but the real brilliance, in my humble opinion is in the track polite dance song. take a listen and enjoy!!

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