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remember last week when I said that thing about not being so good at doing things I put on a list? so, yea, right, I didn't do so great on my focus list from last week. but I've decided not to let that keep me down. I am carrying over some of last week's items and changing the wording on others. my daily calendar journal has six extra lines at the end of the week, so I decided I'm going to try to put six things down each week to accomplish. I'm also thinking to make this my weekly monday post. but you know how I feel about promises/vows. hopefully this won't be too much pressure.

as you can see stuff from last week's list is also on this week's list.
 so, what did I actually accomplish from last week? well, I did read one full story from unaccustomed earth. I also worked on jd's valentine's day present, but I didn't actually finish it. mmm, other than that, I did didley squat. but this week, instead of saying which days I would go to the gym, I decided to keep it open for any day, but I definitely have to go 3 times. and even though I didn't practice crocheting, I'm going to try to learn how to make a granny square this week. even though I know it's important to practice, just doing random crocheting is boring. I need some kind of project. and I really want to do something with granny squares, so why not just jump right in?
oh, and I'm rejoining weight watchers. seriously.don't.want.to.talk.about.it.

wish me luck!

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