focus list

my focus list for this week includes:

~ reading one story from unaccustomed earth (I'm already half-way through it and would love to finish by the end of this month, but I'm trying to keep my goals realistic...)

~ finish felt matryoshka doll & ship it out to destination

~ finish jd's valentine's day present (because I'd rather not be doing it the night before!)

~ go to the gym tuesday/thursday/friday

~ do some yoga monday/wednesday (mmm, it's monday, and this may not happen... we'll see!)

~ continue crochet practice

like I said, I'm trying to keep my focus for this week realistic and tangible. I'm the type who generally writes a list and then never does anything on it. and then I hate myself for it...so, yea, I'm not so sure why I bother to keep making lists - I'm either a sadist or an optimist. I guess we'll see how that turns out!


Stacia said...

Just finished that book last night! So good!

My Underground Attic said...

At least you have the good intentions - keep trying, don't give up!