because it's all about me.

when I saw this on the dainty squid I nearly peed my pants. for real.

first of all, I love mugs. second of all, I love mugs. wait, did I mention I love mugs?! my collection has been growing at a frighteningly rapid pace and even though I am quickly running out of cabinet and shelf space, I felt that this mug was a kindred spirit. but I tried not to be hasty - after all, I am, or at least have been known to be, and impulse shopper. so I talked myself down from the ledge at first. just kind of drooled over it. emailed it to a friend. then just kind of looked at it a few more times throughout the day...but I couldn't resist anymore. and it was so reasonably priced!! who was I to deprive it of a real and loving home? it was my duty, in fact, to hit the "add to cart" button.

and now I wait... wait for the "it's been shipped" notice. the box on my doorstep. oh, me mug, I'm here for you! thank you daintysquidkaylah!

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