uncrafting: unicorn taxidermy

I came across plush taxidermy a while ago and thought it was superduper cute. search "crochet taxidermy" or "plus taxidermy" on etsy and you'll get a few dozen listings. I was really smitten by cherrybox studios' plush taxidermy art when I saw their work at the art star booth at the art star craft bazaar last month.

the plushkill forest unicorn by cherrybox studios

I really, really wanted to pick up one of these beauties at the bazaar, but they carry a hefty price tag. I'm not saying they're not worth it - I totally appreciate their artistic quality - but I didn't have $50-$100 to lay out for the novelty of it. so I thought to myself... hmm, couldn't I do something similar??

ok, disclaimer - I'm not under any illusion that my version is anywhere near as awesome or artsy as cherrybox studios work. truly.

so I thought to myself how fun it would be to make my own unicorn taxidermy for my classroom. I often tell my students to find the unicorns in their hearts (you know, on a grumpy monday). it was just a matter of finding the right plush. withouth further ado... meet lola and stardust.


you know I don't do tutorials - but if you want to make your own cheesy plush taxidermy, it's quite easy. all you need is a plush, a wooden plaque, hot glue, and paint (optional, that's if you want to paint your plaque). just cut that cute little stuffed animal's head off and glue it on the plaque! seriously, it's that easy. I can't wait to hang up these little cuties on my classroom wall.