the holiday decor

I spent all day yesterday rearranging my living room and getting all of my holiday decorations up and out. as much as I hate putting them up and despise (even more so!) putting them away, once they're out it feels kind of nice. I was happy that our tree is the perfect size this year - not too big, not too small. though I only used half of my ornaments - honestly, this year, the simpler the better feels good! here's a peak into my holiday decorations.

ginger bread house made with madhavi. my friend stacia is the master behind the vegan gingerbread.

oh tennenbaum! some of my favorite ornaments - sugar skulls and felties!

a very strange mexican m&m's painting jd made in high school

matryoshka cookies my friend lynn made last year - yes, I saved them!

how could I have a hipster christmas without a little vintage?