random thursday: irony, gratitude, and turkey guts

well hidie-ho neighbors. I'm finally feeling almost back to normal, for whatever that is worth. today is thanksgiving round these parts - which, if you're reading this from another country where this holiday is not celebrated, thanksgiving is basically the day we americans celebrate not only the mass slaughter of thousands of indigenous people, but the mass slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent turkeys. yeay! (please note the sarcasm...) oh, it is also the day that officially kicks off the other biggest holiday in america - the christmas season, aka the biggest excuse to go out and buy a buttload of stuff you don't need. wheeeee!
but hey, listen, I'm not trying to hate on gluttony and consumerism (well, except the killing of turkeys, that's just stupid and unnecessary). I love eating until I feel like I want to puke and buying lots of stuff I totally don't need just as much as the next girl, so don't get me wrong. I guess sometimes I just don't get american culture. it's so weird. like what is it? wait, this post is going a totally different direction than I wanted it to... ok, nevermind... let's move on.

so today on the way to my parent's house, I played the song 'kill the turkey' by gregory and the hawk for madhavi. after it was over I said to her, "do you get the irony of the song?" and she was all, "what's irony?" and I was all, "what are they teaching you in school?! how do you not know what irony is?" ok, ok, she's only nine, maybe it's too early to know that - but still. so then jd said it was kind of a hard thing to define and then referenced that alanis morissette song - you know the one - and then a discussion ensued as to what the real meaning of irony is and whether or not any of the things in that song are even ironic. we decided that really, that song should be called 'bad karma' instead. isn't it ironic that none of that stuff is ironic? haha!

then as we were driving a group of wild turkeys was trying to cross the road, and jd said that was kind of ironic, because we were listening to that song and it was thanksgiving and they were turkeys. but really, it wasn't ironic. just funny. or coincidental. or weird. but definitely not ironic.

why did the turkey cross the road? to get the f' outta there!

as much as I really hate thanksgiving - like really, it's my least favorite holiday; right up there with easter - I think it doesn't hurt to focus on the gratitude portion of it. before dinner I challenged everyone in my family to say one thing that s/he was thankful for - and they couldn't say family, health, or food - because those are all too easy and obvious (like, duh, of course we're thankful for those!). my two favorite answers: stanley, my ten-year-old nephew said simply, "technology". where would we be without it?! and my husband said he was thankful that "our solar system isn't next to a black hole." indeed!
interestingly enough, I came up with the idea but had a hard time coming up with something I am grateful for. I think this is because I'm really an ungrateful sloth... but come on. there has to be something!! ok. here are five random things I am grateful for...

1. being a vegetarian. carcasses are nasty.
2. that women are allowed to wear pants. isn't it weird that once upon a time women only wore dresses?!
3. books.
4. finding a real kindred spirit friend.
5. that john mccain didn't win. dude. just think about that one. shudder.

ironically, I am holding the book upside down.

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