mommy & me penpal book

let me preface this post by saying this: have I ever mentioned how not crafty I am?

ok, well if I have and you don't remember or just didn't see that post, I'll throw it out there again... I'm really not that crafty. it's kind of upsetting to me that I'm not. I want to be artistic and crafty so bad!!! so bad, in fact, that I'm in a little bit of denial about it. I started a whole board on pinterest dedicated to my future crafty-doin'-it-myself projects. projects that I'm sure I'll never do, or I will attempt to do, mess up, get angry, and throw out the window.


anyways, I decided to whip up one of the said projects this evening. my oldest daughter and I have been having some mommy and daughter tension issues lately. it's complicated and kind of personal, but let's just say that we really need something to bond over. when I saw this idea for a "mama & me" penpal journal I knew it would be perfect for madhavi and I to do together. I knew I already had a blank composition notebook (you'd be surprised how much unused paper I have in this house...) and really, you don't need much more to make it! so simple, even an uncrafty lady like myself can do it!

I had one inspirational idea that wasn't in the original post - I decided to make a collage of pictures of she and I together and put it on the inside cover of the notebook. I wanted her to be able to remember how much I love her and love being her mom. I also made my own title thing for the cover (as opposed to printing out the one on the blog of the original post). oh, and I cheated a little bit because I didn't have any contact paper and didn't feel like buying any. so instead I used clear packing tape as a protective cover. I know, kind of ghetto, but hey, I'm mrs. uncrafty, remember?!

so take a look at my finished product - I think it came out pretty good - and madhavi really loves it. what do you think?

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Nedra M. said...

OMG, what a wonderful idea! I am also a VERY uncrafty (but wanna be crafty) person. I love this idea. I think I will use it with my children when they are older as well!

I'm glad your daughter loved it too and I hope it brings peace to you both. :)